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  • Quick steps on how to invite other users to pay you if you attending tender meetings, forward tenders and quotes.
  • This functionally is ideal if no one posted a request for someone to attend a briefing meeting or drop a tender document on their behalf.
  • Its a nice feature to earn money on something you were already going to do . You may even cover your travelling cost. Posting is free.
    • When posting tenders . You will be paid by other users.
    • Any user profile can post tenders. It's free .
    • Do not commence until requester has deposited funds on Escrow,
    • This will guarantee you will not work for nothing.
    • Once you completed the task you can immediately request withdrawal under your profile.
    To post new tender and inform others what service you will provide.Create new tender.

    Once you receive proposals to perform work. Accept or Decline Proposals. Click below.

    accept_decline_tenders online
    At this stage the project should be funded but funds not cleared to you. Perform the task and once done. Mark Delivered. Click below.
    Once you have marked the project as completed . The proposer will release funds to your account and you see your balance under finance. Click to withdraw funds and your funds will be processed to your bank account.