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If your business is based in Johannesburg and you see a tender that requires attending a briefing meeting say at Richards Bay. Until now you had 3 options available :-

1. Take a flight to King Shaka Airport, hire a car to the briefing or use services like uber to get to briefing destination.See likely cost

2. Drive to Durban, pay for tollgates, petrol, food and drinks, at times book a hotel and be back the following day. See likely cost

3. Try and find someone nearest to the area who can help. But what if you dont find anyone.


1. The other serious dilemma our clients face is ok , someone has attended the briefing or the document is ready to be dropped . Can I trust a courier company to collect the document from the office and drop it on time of tender closing date.

2. Must I send the document to a collection point and get somebody to collect and drop the document on my behalf on time before tender closes.

If you were faced with these problems, our website is then your best solution. is an online peer to peer tender services marketplace platform that helps reduce cost of tendering by allowing registered users of our website attend tender briefing sessions for each others behalf and be paid for providing the service.

The process is simple , register free as a service contractor and post your request.

Our website is growing and we need your help to spread (join our referral program) the word and have representatives in all corners of the South Africa and beyond.

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To request our service providers to attend a site briefing . You must  register as a service contractor .  Post new project button will only appear to service contractors.

Our members  registered as service providers will then make offers to attend that site meeting for you.  Only members registered service providers can place bids.

As service contractor you will appoint a service provider with lowest bid usually nearest to the point where meeting will be attended or tender document will be collected.

Once the winner is chosen. Service contractor must now deposit credits (by credit card or EFT or bank deposit)on our Escrow account. This will give a guarantee to service provider that they will definitely be paid.

Once the freelancer or service provider has performed the task and the client has confirmed receipt of the service, funds become immediately available for withdrawal pending of service type.

It is critical to note our system protects both the service contractor /client and the freelancer. In the sense that the freelancer will receive funds once the service is satisfactory delivered and the service contractor does not pay a freelancer for nothing.


Collect and Drop Tender Documents

Paid rate per KM

Pay and collect tender documents

Paid flat fee.

Attend (sit at the) site meeting

Paid flat fee.

Send documents back to client after site briefing

  • By courier
  • Scan and Email
  • Fax
  • Air Cargo

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