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Video – How to submit proposal for other users already attending briefing

This video will guide you to make a proposal if someone is already attending site meeting and you want them to attend on your behalf. How to accept proposals from users requesting your help to attend briefing sessions on their behalf

Video -How to pay service provider once service is delivered

Once the service provider has marked the project as delivered. The client or service contractor must mark it as completed and release payment to the service provider.

Video – How to deliver project once briefing has been attended.

This video will show you what to do :- Once you have performed the task as requested by the client . Remember you must mark your project as delivered to get paid.

Video – How to fund your project ?

When inviting service provide to attend site meeting on your behalf, you need to fund the project first. Funds are not allocated to the service provider at this stage until the project is delivered .

Video – How to appoint bidders?

This video will show you how to appoint bidders who want to attend site meeting on your behalf . We currently only allow one winner under this type of bidding

Video – How to bid for posted tenders

This video will show how to bid if other users invite you to attend site meeting on their behalf.

Video – How to request others attend briefing on your behalf.

This video will show you how to invite other users to attend site meeting on your behalf. To post the tender its free, but you can choose featured, sealed and hide from Google listing,

Video – How to register

This video shows how new users can register on our website.